With 9 years industry experience as a performer as well as growing up with a dancer and modelling background as a child, Luna has picked up a variety of skills in her time in the industry and performed around the world for a variety of audiences.

She has trained in Jazz, tap, ballet, hiphop, Irish dance styles as a teen then moved into circus, burlesque and tribal fusion bellydance as an adult.

Starting the popular alternative modelling and performance website TrashDolls at 20 she began to run events and perform around Australia and New Zealand Before moving to Berlin in 2015 to take on Europe.

Some of her biggest shows so far have included

- Summer Breeze (Germany) with Cradle of Filth

- Kultur capital closing ceremony (Denmark)

- Hellfest (France) with the Fuel Girls

- Masters of Dirt (Germany) With the Fuel Girls

- Rainbow Serpent festival (Australia)

- Hamburg Tattoo Convention

- Australian tattoo expo (Melb twice and Sydney)

- Living Dolls (NZ)

- Maitrya (Aus)

- Freqs of Nature (Germany)

Luna has toured as a feature showgirl in stripclubs around Australia and won the title of ' Showgirl of the Shadows' in Melbourne 2010 and Crowd favourite at the Australian showgirl of the year competition (2012) , then going on to run the alternative ' Trash Showgirl of the Year' competition with TrashDolls to support alternative showgirl performers.

She specialises in


Fire always makes for a mesmerising and unforgetable performance.

Trained in various props, fire safety and numerous eating, body burning, transfer and breathing skills, Luna's love and fascination for fire has allowed her to take her passion around the globe and perform at some pretty amazing events!

Luna also has a custom made fire fairy wing set and crown for large scale events and festivals.

Fire props include


Fire eating

Double staffs

Contact staff

Chain staff

Fire hoop

Fire sword

Wings and crown



Be stunned as she flies above the audience with graceful and dangerous moves. Grace, skill, flexibility and strength are paramount for aerialists.

Specialising in Lyra (aerial hoop) with brilliant LEDs , Aerial hammock (single or double loop) Trapeze and chains. For Aerial shows there must be a high ceiling/ strong rigging point for the equipment or it is possible to rent a portable rig.

Mixing FIRE and Aerials together to add extra WOW factor to the shows.

Shibari self-suspension is also one of her skills, mixing aerial acrobatics and ropework to create a sensual and unique show.


Playing with hoops for years, Luna loves to flow with her shiny props. Single, double or triple hoop shows with metallic, LED or Fire hoops.

Light like a fairy goddess flowing to some mellow tunes or taking it to the dark side with some heavy metal rock 'n' roll style badass hooping, she can vary her hoop style to match any genre and event!


Always being a bendy girl, Luna has trained her flexibility for years to add her contortion to her performing.

Even using her feet to blow bubbles and smoke!


Some like it HOT! Luna has been a proffesional showgirl since 2010 with her debut show at the Voodoo Lounge (Perth)'s fetish ball then going on to perform regular shows in Melbourne, Geelong, Adelaide, Sydney and Canberra.

She's a skilled pole dancer and exotic dancer.

Luna won the 'ShowGirl of the Shadows' competition in Melbourne in 2011 and got Crowd Favourite at Australian Showgirl of the year. She also started the TrashDolls 'Trash Showgirl of the year' non-nude showgirl contest to encourage alternative dancers to push their boundaries as performers.

Luna combines Pole, burlesque, circus , bellydance and fetish performance aspects to her shows to create unique and high energy shows to get the crowd pumping!

She has performed frequently at numerous fetish events, strip clubs and adult parties around the world and is definitely not shy when it comes to nudity and expressing her feminine sexuality.

A good all-rounder performer has a lot of skills and Luna loves to learn and experiment with new styles all the time.

Some of her other skills are

GoGo dancing


Angle grinding

Roving performing

Tribal fusion belly dance

Isis wings

LED performing

Silk and LED fans


Mermaid/waterbowl shows (if equipment/budget is provided)

Candle wax

Shibari (Japanese rope bondage)

Staple gun