Wow the crowd with some HOT fire performing!

Experienced fire performance artists with professional safety training.

Solo and duo fire performing including

-Fire eating/transfers

- Fire fans

- Contact staff

- Fire swords

- Fire bellydance

- Fire wings/crown

- Chain staff

- Fire breathing

- Palm candles

Various styles, we can perform custom fire shows for various themes and settings, from small venues to large scale events.


High above the audience, aerial shows are guaranteed to impress the crowd!

Solo or duo aerial acrobatic shows including

-Aerial hoop (LED or regular)
-Aerial hammock



Minimum ceiling height 12ft/4m for any aerial shows, ideally higher

If your venue doesn't have appropriate rigging points, we can arrange to have a portable aerial rig set up for the event

LED performance


Light up your event with LED performances!
We custom make our own LED props and costumes as well as getting some high quality props from others!

This means we can even customise special outfits for your event!

LED corset, crowns, wings, hula hoops, fibre flies, staff and more to come.

Acrobatic/dance/other shows

Partner acrobatics, dance, GoGo, fetish.... we produce a variety of characters and performances!

Partner acrobatics can be big and dynamic over a large area or a good small stage show... we love playing with different characters while performing acrobatics, from fun, cheeky and playful shows to glamorous to kinky, sexy acrobatics. 

Some of our favourite themes so far have been Fairies, angel and devil, goddess worship, twin flame romantic and a fun onesie acro show.

Fetish performing is one of our favourites to do, we love to express our sexuality through our performing and it is great to do this for the fetish community. Playing with unique rolls and bringing a magical, sensual and mystical element to the fetish world, we aim to create unique shows that are sexy, visually appealing and always memorable! Combining any of our skills or adding things like whips, candle wax, staple gun shows, glitter fetish or working with whatever theme is for the event, we can cater to all types and sizes of events. 

 Some of our most popular fetish shows are

- Fairy fetish (best with aerial hoop though we do floor based too!) LED and acrobatic, fun, playful and very sexy!

- Goddess worship- He comes to worship her, is he worthy of the goddess? If he proves himself she will turn him into a god too... ( acrobatic glitter and paint show) 

- Tantric fire ritual- Twin flames meet and connect, their fire igniting each other and combining as they become synchronised. 

- QOTD- a take on the romance of Akasha, the queen of the damned, and Lestat. A sensual bloodbath.