Luna & Sol

Embark on a journey through an enchanted fairytale. Luna and Sol are a nomadic circus duo, loosely based in Berlin after the Swedish/Australian pair met in Thailand and banded together to bring their passion around the world.

Since then, they have performed at countless around Europe, even going so far as to start running and organising their own erotic performance art and conscious sexuality events and kink parties.

Specialising in fantasy and ethereal themed shows, the two embody the divine masculine and feminine. Playing with various characters to let their inner fae shine through and show their evolving love story in their performance art.

Multi-skilled performers, you can expect to see a fusion of circus skills, bellydance, sideshow, burlesque, martial arts and a whole lot of love and passion between these two. From playful fairy shows to sensual tantric fire ritual performance, to classic circus performances, they experiment with different archetypes, myths and magic to mesmerise, inspire and entertain.

Some of their favourite shows to date have featured acrobatic fire eating, LED aerial fairy shows, Sci-fi angle grinding mayhem, celestial contortion, staple guns, shibari rope, bubbles, hula hoops, blood; the list goes on! They love to create unique shows with custom made costumes and props to really bring their imagination to life.

Looking for something more corporate or family friendly? They also have performed at weddings, family festivals, street festivals and restaurants, showing their versatility also extends to more mainstream work.